Caroline Vickers

Caroline Vickers 
Name: Caroline Vickers
Title: Professor
Office: UH 301.31
Phone: (909) 537-5684
Faculty Biography: Faculty Biography
Education: Ph.D. University of Arizona, 2004
M.S. Georgetown University, 1997
B.A. University of Georgia, 1994
Research and Teaching Interests: Language and Identity, Linguistic Landscape, Medical Discourse, Second Language Acquisition and Socialization.

My research focuses on language socialization in communities of practice, multilingual discourse in the medical context, and constructions of social inequity in the linguistic landscape and built environment.

Recent Representative Publications:

Vickers, C., Deckert, S., & Goble, R. (2015). Third party interaction in the medical context: Code-switching and control. Journal of Pragmatics, 84, 154-171.

Vickers, C., Lindfelt, C., & Greer, M. (2015). The co-influence of the natural, built, and linguistic landscape: Indexing safety and security. Language Policy,15(1), 25-47.

Vickers, C., Deckert, S., & Goble, R. (2014). Constructing language normativity through the animation of stance in Spanish language medical consultations. Health Communication, 29(7), 707-716.

Vickers, C., & Deckert, S. (2013). Sewing empowerment: Examining multiple identity shifts as a Mexican immigrant woman develops expertise in a sewing cooperative community of practice. Journal of Language, Identity, and Education, 12(2), 116-135.

Vickers, C., Goble, R., & Lindfelt, C. (2012). Narrative co-construction in the medical consultation: How agency and control affect the diagnosis. Communication & Medicine, 9(2), 159-171.

Vickers, C., Deckert, S., Smith, W., & Morones, J. (2012). Who’s the expert here? Shifts in the powerful identity in a sewing cooperative community of practice. Sociolinguistic Studies, 6(3), 421-444.
Specialization(s): Applied Linguistics, Second Language Studies
Publications Publications
Courses/Teaching: English 311, Introduction to the English Language
English 312, Theories of Language Acquisition
English 420, English Grammar I
English 523, English Grammar II
English 524, Sociolinguistics
English 526, Phonetics and Phonology
English 615, Discourse Analysis
English 619, Second Language Acquisition
English 625, TESL Methods in Listening and Speaking